Date: January 25, 2018

Author: ecachucho

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Performance – 31 Jan – Off the Cuff : Permanent Creation

Join Snyder Moreno Martín and I for a performance of Permanent Creation | On the Other Side of the Atlantic at the Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg, South Africa. Join us on 31 January at any time from 4-8pm, the audience is welcome to come in and out of the performance for any duration during the 4hrs.

About: Permanent Creation

Artists Snyder Moreno Martín (Bogotá – Colombia) and Eduardo Cachucho (Johannesburg – South Africa) began their collaboration on a residency in São Paulo in June 2017. Beyond this residency and separated by 12 000km the artists continued to work together remotely.

Now, both on the same side of the Atlantic, the artists open up this journey to the public in an unfolding space of permanent creation.

Two performers roam freely. Everything created is from scratch and unfolds before the eyes. Text, drawing, speaking, singing, sound making, performing and actions accumulate.

This performance is an exercise in communication. There is no script but constant improvisation, a rehearsal that never ends. It is a durational performance attempting to illustrate daily life.

Audience are encouraged to walk through the space and move freely.

Entrance is free, but reserving space online is encouraged at

About: The Centre for the Less Good Idea

Founded by William Kentridge the Centre aims to find the less good idea by creating and supporting experimental, collaborative and cross-disciplinary arts projects.

The Centre is a physical and immaterial space to pursue incidental discoveries made in the process of producing  work. Often, you start with a good idea, It might seem crystal clear at first, but when you take it to the proverbial drawing board, cracks and fissures emerge in its surface, and they cannot be ignored. It is in following the secondary ideas, those less good ideas coined to address the first idea’s cracks, that the Centre nurtures, arguing that in the act of playing with an idea, you can recognise those things you didn’t know in advance but knew somewhere inside of you.

About: Snyder Moreno Martín

Snyder is an artist from Bogotá, Colombia, and works with the idea of mistakes as part of a wide learning process. For him, this process has a main role in the capacity of the spiritual transformation of people.

His projects have a strong experiential and contextual component, which could emerge from experiences that allow him to reflect about existence, and from research on environmental, affective and architectural components of spaces. His practice develops in several formats: for instance, it could start with a series of drawing in a research centre, continuing with an installation, or a performance, or even with a curatorial or pedagogical project.

His pieces explore the sculptural, physical and chemical possibilities of materials. He assumes his work as a climate work. One that it is susceptible to change through time, is in constant transformation and could even comprise the natural destruction of it: a life-death cycle.

He is aware of his role as a mediator between his artistic practice and the audience, he attempts to develop mediation projects (educational) about his exhibitions. Because, when he shares his work with other people, he learns from these people, from his artwork and from himself. This is the vital element of his artistic practice: learning and creating.

Snyder has also developed and coordinated projects in the educational department of several institutions. He researches about the relationship between art, curating, and education, assuming these as fields without defined boundaries and in constant dialogue.

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