Date: July 3, 2014

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SAGA 631 – Stellenbosch, South Africa

6 August, 18:00hrs
Stellenbosch Conserve – Fismer Hall
8 musicians perform the work SAGA 361 (2007, 8min) and presentation of papers by Marietjie Pauw

A work that composer Angie Mullins and I created in 2007, is being played in the Cape Town region in August. The work was created as a video / music collaboration while we were both studying at the Witwatersrand University in the Architecture and Art schools.

The performance is being held in the frame of Marietjie Pauw’s doctoral thesis and will be presented with short ‘thought’ papers which link architect Lindsay Bremner’s writings (from Deleuzian) notions on smooth space to the ‘Johannesburg’ that Mullins and I created through our work.

Marietjie Pauw, flautist, is a PhD student at the Department of Music Stellenbosch University. Her practice based research engages intersections between South African flute repertoire, curatorship and landscape as theme of exhibition.

An ensemble of eight musicians [Marietjie Pauw, flute, Annamarie Bam, clarinet, Glyn Partridge, bassoon, Dylan Tabisher, percussion, Leonore Bredekamp, bass guitar, Benjamin van Eeden, piano/ harpsichord, David Bester, violin and Lida Pieterse, viola] will present this work, together with the silent film.

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