Date: October 27, 2015

Author: ecachucho

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Brian Massumi thesis review – The quantum-mine of affect

The thesis review of The quantum-mine of affect by Brian Massumi is now on the website.

Brian Massumi: “Men make errors,” the thesis repeatedly quotes. The misfires are a part of the creativity of the project. They performatively work out tensions and discordances between the constituent elements set in play, and in doing so successfully make visible the stakes of the project and fill out its movement as a developing, experimental practice. read more…


The quantum mine of affect-mythology.

This thesis attempts to investigate how affect functions within mythological structures, thus strengthening and resonating the effect of these myths upon the public who are exposed to them. Focusing on Roland Barthes’ writings on mythology and Brian Massumi on affect, I combine these two ideological structures into a dynamic form that is both interrogative and performative in its approach. This approach allows for a more open and embodied deconstruction of these myths.

This structure was first used in Brazil as a test case to represent the mythological construction of the Casa Do Povo (est. 1953). The lessons learned from this initial experiment are then used to analyse a longer-term research on the psychological experiments and legislative acts developed by South African Prime Minister, Hendrik Verwoerd.

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