Date: June 25, 2012

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Looking Glass – Closing Event

Glass, Johannesburg 2012 and 1886-1896.
Walkabout and Discussion
Saturday 30 June 2012, 14h00-16h00
Goethe on Main, Arts on Main.

A catastrophic explosion in Braamfontein in 1896, the timely discovery of the gold cyanidation process in 1887, a conspiracy connecting the naming of Johannesburg after King Johannes of Portugal, the first surveyed drawings of Johannesburg, are moments in Johannesburg’s history that are unpacked, to take the form of a museographical display where historical and fictional layers intertwine.

Walkabout / 14h00 for 14h15
You are invited to join the artist Eduardo Cachucho on an exhibition walkabout that takes a journey through Johannesburg’s early history and its connection with the city it has become today.

Discussion with Melinda Silverman / 15h00-16h00
Melinda Silverman is an architect, urban designer and architectural historian. Her understanding of the historical layers that make up the Johannesburg of today is a valuable tool that allows one to unpack the complexities. Eduardo Cachucho has invited her to speak about Johannesburg and its early formalistic roots in the frame of the Looking Glass exhibition. Silverman will present a short talk about Johannesburg’s early urban and architectural choices. Following this, a discussion between Silverman and Cachucho about Johannesburg’s past, present and future within the frame of history making/unmaking.

Refreshments and light snacks to be served.

Teerde Zaken/ Respected Business, a limited edition artist book, will be on sale in the exhibition space for R200 per copy (only cash accepted).

Exhibition open till 1 July 2012

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