• Permanent Creation

    Two performers roam freely in a space open to an audience. Everything they create is from scratch.

  • segurando, andando, caindo

    Brazilian-Japanese and Japanese students create a performance questioning culture, language and the body in everyday life

  • Viva Brazil

    a meditation on the use of language as a form of communication between different people and cultures

  • A sketchbook is blown…

    Research on Belgium’s colonial legacy in the DR Congo that branches off to source material across the web

  • I’m holding, walking, falling

    An intersection of subjective forces, I’m holding, walking, falling is a zone of interaction between the audience and the performer

  • Interruptions

    Interruptions is a narrative of excerpts from interviews focusing on moments where a certain trajectory of thought was interrupted

  • Flatland

    A lecture performance based on research into Hendrik Verwoerd’s psychology experiments and how they affected the SA political sphere

  • Scratching the Soil

    Centered around an improvised performance, At the Root looks at almost two centuries of a colonial legal legacy