• 158 Letters

    26 Indian city names that have changed since independence are represented through 52 pages with cutouts

  • Advaita

    A wall painting connecting the names of the two legal systems that were merged into the Indian Penal Code

  • Consistent Anglicisation

    Multiple layers of cut card showing various version of Indian city names pre and post independence, overlap and obscure eachother

  • Penal Code

    A database of 205 Indian Penal Code illustrations randomly combined with 400 of the most popular Indian and British names.

  • Who Could Deny?

    A comparison between two different literatures, a key line of the Minute on Indian Education speech is reconfigured.

  • Penal Illustrations

    Everyday life scenarios creating infinite short circuit situations that might have existed or still exist within our post colonial times.

  • Looking Glass

    Puts into relation the current reality of Johannesburg’s urban space with the historical events that led to its creation over 125 years ago.

  • Explosion, 1896

    60 tons of dynamite standing on a railway siding ignited in Braamfontein in 1896, a few weeks later no trace of the event was left.