• Randjeslaagte

    Tracing the 1886 outline of Johannesburg, this video work captures both a historical and contemporary view of the city

  • Ioannes Rex, 1732

    A recreation of a 16th century Portuguese gold coin brings into question various theories in the naming of Johannesburg.

  • Teerde Zaken

    Tracing Johannesburg’s tumultuous inception, this book is presented as an uncompleted archive of the cities early history.

  • Dead March

    A ‘video-still’ shows the shattering of all the glass in Johannesburg’s CBD, emulating the catastrophic 1886 Braamfontein explosion.

  • Artist Aided Design

    A technician meticulously reads out a series of x-y cartesian coordinates that result in a final, unrevealed, image being drawn by two artists

  • Modern X

    Tatie’s wry commentary on the failings of modernism is compounded by the repetitive editing and looping of critical points in his films

  • Dérive App

    The Dérive App is an experiment in how to freely distribute emancipatory actions to enact our urban space.

  • Untitled – Sweeping at Night

    An anonymous night time sweeper cleans the streets of Johannesburg with a neon broom, emulating the female sweepers who clean the city.