A sketchbook is blown…

  • Date: Sept 2015
  • Location: onlineopen.org
You are about to begin paging through a visual essay, A sketchbook is blown onto the floor. Relax. Concentrate. Dispel every other image. Let the world around you fade away. Best switch off the notifications on your phone, they are always vibrating and interrupting you. Find the most comfortable position with your device: seated, stretched out, curled up or lying flat. You were browsing the Open! site and then while scrolling around you noticed A sketchbook is blown onto the floor and you found the author’s name somewhat intriguing and completely unknown. You tapped and arrived here. Good for you.
A visual essay for COOP Academy: Open! – Affective Images: How Public Images Produce Affect in a Digital Age. A sketchbook… enters delves into research on Belgium’s colonial legacy in the DR Congo. It is a digital sketchbook that branches off into its source material across the internet.
Read it here
30 pages. Paper, ink, pencil, gouache, washi tape.

Published – 1 September 2015 – onlineopen.org