Permanent Creation

  • Date: January 2018
  • Location: Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Camera: Zivanai Matangi

Permanent Creation | On the Other Side of the Atlantic

Performance with Snyder Moreno Martín

Two performers roam freely in a space open to an audience. Everything they create is from scratch. All creation unfolding before the eyes. Text, drawing, speaking, singing, making sound, creating installations, performing, daily actions accumulate into works of creation.

The performance is an exercise to create ways of communication. There is no script, but a constant improvisation, a rehearsal that never ends. It is a long duration performance that attempts to show the possibility of creation in daily life.

On the Other Side of the Atlantic

Living 12 000 km apart after meeting in São Paulo on a residency, Snyder Moreno Martín (Bogota – Colombia) and Eduardo Cachucho (Johannesburg – South Africa) continued creating through online rehearsals when they returned to their original countries. They perceived that they were separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Is it possible to create beyond boundaries and despite thousands of kilometers of distance?

The Audience

The audience is encouraged to walk through the space, to come in close, look at the drawings, feel the movement, or even sit at a distance, leave, or come back at their will.

Permanent Creation was first presented to the public at the Centre for the Less Good Idea, established and directed by William Kentridge in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a space for artists to engage in developing experimental works for display to the public.

About: Snyder Moreno Martín

Snyder is an artist from Bogotá, Colombia, and works with the idea of mistakes as part of a wide learning process. For him, this process has a main role in the capacity of the spiritual transformation of people.

His projects have a strong experiential and contextual component, which could emerge from experiences that allow him to reflect about existence, and from research on environmental, affective and architectural components of spaces. His practice develops in several formats: for instance, it could start with a series of drawing in a research centre, continuing with an installation, or a performance, or even with a curatorial or pedagogical project.

This performance began at 1 pm GMB+2, took 7 hours, and finished at 1pm GMT-5.

7 hours is the time difference between Colombia and South Africa (the residence of the two performers).

A selection of everyday objects are available for the performers to use during the performance. These objects become generators of ideas, ‘friends’ to use during the performance, points of inspiration and more.

Devices include two mobile phones connected via bluetooth to two speakers (one pair of large speakers filling the space, and a small mobile speaker which is moved by the performers).

Performed: 2018 Centre for the Less Good Idea, Maboneng, Johannesburg South Africa.