Part of - Looking Glass - Johannesburg 2012 and 1886-1896
  • Date: 2012
Johannesburg’s first decade was marked by explosive growth. During these ten years, the triangular piece of uitvalgrond/left-over-ground that marked its original boundary, Randjeslaagte, was consumed with economic activity. It became the centre for a city exploding in wealth, roads leading east and west followed the richest known gold reserves in the world, where mountains were being excavated from the earth.
Randjeslaagte. Commissioner, Diagonal and End Street examines contemporary Johannesburg through mirror-recording-devices that capture reflected video footage of the city by way of performative walks that trace the early outlines of the city. These performances have taken place with three invited professionals in the field of art, architecture/urbanism and performance. Stephen Hobbs, Thireshen Govender and Donna Kukama engage in a visual conversation while trying to build their own view on one of the three streets that formed the Randjeslaagte triangle, today known as Johannesburg. The so called Looking Glass is here the mirroring device through which these dialogues between past and present, experts and passers by, take the form of a video on a city and the representations that define its urban form.
Video Installation:
3 x HD Videos, Size Variable
Sound loop