Viva Brazil

  • Date: Nov 2015
  • Location: Ibaraki, Japan
Performed in the frame of the ARCUS Project Open Studio showing of ‘segurando, andando, caindo’, ‘Viva Brazil’ is a meditation on the use of language as a form of communication between different people and cultures. This language being composed of text, movement and aesthetic dimensions, the performance brings together various elements from research around the political relationship between Japan and Brazil over the last century. This complex relationship leaves 1.5mil Japanese people living in Brazil and 200 000 Brazilian-Japanese living in Japan, with both sides dealing in very different ways with the confrontation of difference between these cultures.
Produced by ARCUS Project, Ibaraki, Japan.
Photographs- Copyright ©Hajime Kato 2015 All Rights Reserved
Performance 5min. Printed script. Scenography – Nishinouchi-Washi, magnets, push pins, constructed banners.

‘Viva Brazil’. Performance documentation segment¬†– 01:08min of 05:00min