Date: September 12, 2014

Author: ecachucho

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Using the Museum – Van Abbemuseum

I will be participating in Using the Museum, Dutch Art Institute at the Vanabbemuseum with the work Interruptions (2014, HD Video, stereo sound). Opening – 28 September 2014, 11 am. Opening address 2pm. Read more… Till 12 October 2014 Interruptions, 15:28min – Following from interviews with the Van Abbemuseum’s curators and technical staff, relating to their experiences in creating a collection show, Interruptions is a constructed narrative of excerpts from these…

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Date: May 27, 2014

Author: ecachucho

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BORG Biennial 2014

Flatland : A Method for the Experimental Production of Emotions has been selected to be show at the BORG2014 Biennial. BORG is a biennial event for contemporary art organized in Borgerhout, Antwerp. The next edition takes place in different locations throughout the city district, from 19 Spet to 5 Oct 2014. More info on BORG and the BORG Facebook page More info coming soon…

Date: November 19, 2012

Author: ecachucho

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AAD performed at the WITS Art Museum, for the A MAZE Festival directed by Thorsten S. Wiedemann. Anthea Moys and Molemo Moiloa performed with me, creating an image of an Intel 4004, the first commercially available microprocessor. Both artists were not aware of the image they were being asked to draw through a series of 122 coordinates. > More information on AAD Images courtesy of the Goethe Institute Johannesburg. (headline…

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Date: August 24, 2012

Author: ecachucho

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Outsider 2012, Johannesburg

Dead March will be on display at Outsider 2012 Opening: 4 September, 18:30 till late. THE MEDIA MILL, 7 quince street, Milpark. 5-9 September, 12:00-15:00 Dead March uses a 4 second clip from District 9, a popular culture film created in the last decade that is set in Johannesburg. The four second clip has been slowed down to 3 min, with each frame being digitally manipulated to remove the references…

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Date: August 3, 2012

Author: ecachucho

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A MAZE – Artist Aided Design

I will be presenting Artist Aided Design at the A MAZE Interact Festival in Johannesburg, where a technician meticulously reads out a series of x-y Cartesian coordinates that result in a final, unrevealed, image being drawn by two artists simultaneously interpreting these spoken coordinates into a visual artwork. Performance: Exhibition Opening, 29 August, 7pm, Alexander Theater, Braamfontein. Exhibit: WITS Art Museum (WAM), Braamfontein. > Download the A MAZE Programme A…

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